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Parenting Washington DC Internships Scholarships
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Parenting Washington DC Internships Scholarships
Tips For Test Taking
  1. Keep up with assignments through the year.
  2. Plan review sessions before the test. Review on your own and with your parents, brothers and sisters as well as with friends.
  3. DON'T CRAM!!!
  4. Get a good night's sleep and eat right foods.
  5. Stay relaxed - too much tension causes you to forget what you have learned.
  6. Budget your time. Glance through the entire test before starting and estimate how much time you'll have to spend on each question or section.
  7. READ AND FOLLOW THE TEST DIRECTIONS. Answer only what is called for.
  8. Check the scoring plan. Find out which questions are most important and if there is a penalty for guessing.
  9. Answer the questions you are sure about first and then go back to the harder questions.
  10. Allow five minutes to review, if possible, and correct careless errors or expand on facts.

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  • Parenting Washington DC Internships Scholarships

    Parenting Washington DC Internships Scholarships