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Parenting Washington DC Internships Scholarships
Parental School Participation Do's
  • Meet your child's teachers and school staff at the beginning of the school year to express your expectations and to find out what their expectations are for your child
  • Help your child to appreciate the value of education, and understand your expectations for his/her academic performance
  • Obtain and read the school handbook to learn the school rules and requirements. Ask the classroomteacher or principal for a copy of the handbook
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences on a regular basis to discuss your child's progress. Make sure the school and the teacher have your home and work telephone numbers and encourage them to call you directly with any concerns
  • Join the school Parent Teacher Association or Home School Association to have a voice in school planning and decision making
  • Volunteer whenever possible for school activities
  • Set learning goals with your child that are within reach and that are realistic
  • Identify community activities that support your child's education such as special library programs that enhance reading ability skills and community based classes that teach new skills or re-enforce those learned in school
  • Establish a home library that contains resource materials, academic and leisure reading books and age appropriate educational games
  • Seek outside support - tutors and/or mentors - if your child is having difficulty with a subject. If you need help in finding a tutor or mentor, talk to the school counselor or contact us
  • Review the Report Card or Progress Report with your child and the classroom instructor each time one is given
  • Praise your child when his/her academic performance is high or improved and encourage your child when they are striving to reach the higher academic levels

Remember, your child's education does not begin when he/she enters the school house and must not end when he/she leaves it.

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    Parenting Washington DC Internships Scholarships