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George H. Lambert Jr. - President and CEO

Janice Smith - Chief Operating Officer

David Carr - Chief Financial Officer

Audrey Epperson - Director Of Education, Employment and Training/Emergency Services

Tiffany Champion , Utility Associate

Desiree Heyliger - Program Manager; In-Person Assister for Health Insurance

Gwendolyn Griffin - Program Coordinator, Counselor - Advocate; In-Person Assister for Health Insurance

Ursula Higgins - In-Person Assister for Health Insurance

Habieba Israel - Volunteer

India Robinson Intern

Garland Tissueboo, Photography
Ray Wilson, Sr., Photography
Ray Wilson, Jr. Photography

Greater Washington Urban League
2901 14th, NW, Washington, DC 20009.
We are near the Columbia Heights Metro Stop on the Green Line.

(202) 265-8200

(202) 387-7019

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